Space and Why It Matters

Space and Why It Matters is a report, written with the aim of converting Long Live Southbank’s considerable experience as a grassroots organisation into a legacy that may reach further than the Undercroft.

We have taken all that we have seen and learnt within our 8 years campaigning experience, we have listened to the young people who use the Undercroft on a daily basis, and we have looked at 10 similar London based grassroots projects, carrying out interviews with those involved. From this we have composed a series of recommendations that we hope will encourage the best possible future for London in terms of free, community based and creative space.

Please feel free to share this report with anyone it may interest. It is a tool we can all use to campaign for creative spaces and better cities.

For those with slower internet connections, the best option to view the report may be to click the download PDF link.