Joey Pressey
Lands End to John O'Groat for LLSB

Local London skateboarder, raconteur and performance artist Joey Pressey lived five minutes from the Southbank Undercroft for over a decade where Joey honed his street skating style. He has been Pro for Landscape Skateboards which took him all around Europe and the globe. Pro skateboarding has taken a back seat for Joey over the last few years and he has been enjoying it for the original reason he started - fun! He has since pursued a career in music and has been an active member of the LLSB campaign from the beginning.

Setting off on July 15th, Joey is setting out on a 874 mile expedition from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. Accompanied by a bicycle, trailer, a few bits of busking equipment and his dog Stella, Joey is generously looking to raise awareness and money for the restoration in a unique way!

He’s got an interview up on Sidewalk here, a video filmed especially for the mission just below and plenty more to come once the trip gets underway.

Please support Joey on his mission to raise funds for the Southbank Restoration. You can donate now or make a pledge and we’ll contact you when he makes it to John o’ Groats.

Big thanks to Joey and Stella from everyone at LLSB!

Photo credit: Maksim Kalanep Illustration credit: Rob Mathieson

Joey and Stella's Bare Long Mission : Video

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